Updates to Proxibid Mobile Design

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve your buying experience. If you’re accessing Proxibid.com from a smart phone or tablet, you will experience a new Proxibid mobile design, beginning March 15th, 2016. Here’s what you can expect:


    • You will now see an option to cancel on the mobile login page. Tap the “X” icon to return to the page visited prior to accessing the log in menu.

Login Page Proxibid Mobile

    • The menu has been updated with new styling and links to the privacy policy, user agreement, and mobile homepage. Once you have signed in, your first and last name will be displayed.

Menu Logged In Mobile

    • The mobile header will display a “home” icon when you navigate away from the homepage. Both the Proxibid logo and “home” icon in the header will take you back to the mobile homepage when tapped.

Header Mobile Design

    • We have updated navigation to show previous and current pages visited. You will see those displayed below the header.

Taxonomy Breadcrumb
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