Best Practices for Selling Online

With so many places for buyers to find unique content for sale online, we know it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Sellers who attract top buyers have done so by implementing best practices to ensure their online bidders have a positive experience and come back time and again. Want to experience success when selling online? Follow these simple best practices and watch your online sales soar.

Accuracy of Online Listings

TIP: Buyers will spend more in your sale if they have a high degree of confidence in the items you are selling. Provide as much information as possible to ensure buyers can make smart purchasing decisions.

  • Describe items in detail including any defects, to help online bidders make worry-free purchases
  • Provide multiple images for each item and remember to take photographs of items from multiple angles
  • Present inventory at least two weeks in advance
  • Leverage meta data when uploading your online listing to make it easier for buyers to find items in the Marketplace and for search engines to find your inventory

Additional Seller Fees (Buyer’s Premiums, etc.)

TIP: The idea of a buyer’s premium or any other fees may be a deterrent for some buyers.  Remember buyers tend to gravitate toward sales that offer lower, or even zero, buyer’s premiums or other fees.

  • Adding excessive fees on top of the purchase price and shipping costs may be a turnoff for buyers
  • Disclose clear and concise payment instructions and do not markup buyer fees
  • Charge a competitive buyer’s premium appropriate for selling coins online. We encourage you to sell without using a premium as more buyers will be attracted to your sales.

Customer Service

TIP: Maintain open and transparent communication with buyers. The more information you provide the more confidence buyers will have in your sales.

  • Promptly respond to customer inquiries and concerns.
  • Work to mitigate disputes/complaints and when they do happen, resolve them quickly and professionally in the effort to “make it right” with the customer.

Shipping timelines and fees

TIP:  According to Smashing Magazine, the leading resource for web design, shipping is the tipping point for 34 percent of online buyers. What can you do to improve your shipping processes?

  • Disclose your shipping costs/policies up front. Set and communicate the expectation with your buyers.
  • Provide affordable and cost-effective shipping options to buyers
    • Charge actual cost or a flat rate for shipping. Do not inflate shipping costs
    • Offer free shipping on items at a certain price point (e.g. purchases less than $50)
    • Combine items and do not charge a per-item or convenience fee
  • Provide tracking numbers on all shipments
  • Provide a list of shippers as well as assistance arranging transport of larger items

For additional information or for a complete list of Proxibid’s best practices for selling online, please contact your account manager.