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Why Should I Advertise in Proxibid's Marketplace?

Market Reach

Our advertising reaches more than 1 million consumers every week! Proxibid's brand in the Marketplace is second-to-none. Buyers trust and react to our messaging by continually participating in our supported events.

Proxibid's website attracts more than 2 million visits each month. Directly market to more than 400,000 opt-in email subscribers with industry-leading engagement rates.

Maximize Potential

Events that take advantage of our advertising are proven to see an increase in bidder participation, resulting in greater price drive, pre-bids and catalog views. For example, a sale that wasn't advertised in the Marketplace received 55 percent less catalog views versus a similar sale promoted with Proxibid's email blast service alone!

Marketing through Proxibid grows your business—taking you from a local organization to a global enterprise, overnight.

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