Changes Coming to Proxibid’s Unified User Agreement

At Proxibid, your online safety is our number one concern. We routinely update our Unified User Agreement to ensure Marketplace integrity and to make certain our policies are in line with industry best practices as we introduce new products and partners.

Please be advised, the following changes to Proxibid’s Unified User Agreement will go into effect Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

  • Section 1. Definitions: Added new “Escrow Services” definition (7th paragraph):

“Escrow Services” means the third party technology and functionality integrated with the Proxibid website that allows a Buyer and Seller to carry out a transaction utilizing an escrow of funds process, where funds are escrowed until receipt and approval of goods.

  • Section 2. Overview of Proxibid Services

NEW – Overview of Escrow Services:

Proxibid also allows Buyers and Sellers to utilize Escrow Services to complete a transaction.  These Escrow Services are provided by a third party pursuant to its applicable terms and conditions.  The following third parties offer Escrow Services in connection with a Proxibid transaction: PaySafe ( is not a money transmission service to be used to directly transfer funds between two parties.  The funds move between Users as payment for bona fide goods and services provided by sellers and buyers.

  • Section 3. Buyer Obligations

NEW – 3.3 Escrow Fees:

Escrow Fees.  The parties acknowledge and agree that in the event that they choose to utilize Escrow Services, that the third party providing the Escrow Services may charge a fee (“Escrow Fee”), which shall be due and payable to the third party pursuant to its terms and conditions.

  • Section 5. Default Event Terms


  1. In the event that Escrow Services are not utilized, once a Buyer has won the bid, ownership of the item immediately passes to the Buyer who thereupon (a) assumes full risk and responsibility therefore, and (b) shall pay the full purchase…
  2. In the event that Escrow Services are selected by the Seller, the Seller shall be responsible for payment of the Escrow Fee. In the event that the Buyer and Seller do not opt for a period whereby the goods are inspected before release of the escrowed funds (the “Inspection Period”), the escrowed funds shall be released to the Seller’s account once the escrow account is fully funded.
  • Section 6. Disputes Between Buyers and Sellers

Paragraph 1: In the event of a dispute between you and another User that does not involve escrow services, you agree to use good faith efforts to resolve the dispute, including contacting the other User by reasonable…

Bullet Point 4: For items damaged during shipping for which a Buyer opens a dispute, Seller agrees to resolve the issue with the Buyer by either providing a replacement item or refunding to the Buyer the full purchase price plus original shipping costs. If shipping costs were paid separately and directly to a 3rd party shipper, then the seller would not be responsible for refunding these costs. Seller further agrees to resolve any open issues with the Buyer even if Seller is awaiting final resolution of any claims against the shipping agent for damaging the item during shipment. It is expressly prohibited for Seller to withhold a Buyer’s refund pending resolution with the shipping agent.

New Paragraph after Bullet Point 5:

In the event of a dispute between you and another User that does involve escrow services, you agree to use good faith efforts to resolve the dispute.  To resolve a dispute, follow this process:

  • The Seller is notified of a dispute via an email from Proxibid, stating that the Buyer has a dispute with the transaction.
  • Proxibid facilitates the direct email exchange between the Buyer and Seller to resolve the dispute. While Proxibid will not be directly involved with negotiating or providing terms for the resolution, it may monitor the communication between the Buyer and Seller to ensure a resolution.
  • When the Buyer and Seller notify Proxibid of a resolution and the dollar amount of the resolution, Proxibid will have the agreed to funds distributed to each User via each User’s specified instructions.
  • Section 7. Information Collected by Proxibid

7.1 Escrow Services.  If Buyer and Seller utilize escrow services provided by a third party, additional information will be collected by Proxibid and such third party.  In order to facilitate the escrow and subsequent payment of funds Proxibid and the third party may collect bank account information, including your bank’s name, bank account number, and account name.  Proxibid does not store this information. The third party uses and stores the information in accord with its privacy policy.

Escrow Services Privacy Policies:



  • Section 11. Risk

11.2 Marketplace Guidelines.  Users agree to comply with all applicable Marketplace Guidelines, as may be updated from time to time and available here:

11.3 Proxibid Action on Accounts

11.4 Proxibid – Banned Parties and Countries Policy


Proxibid also does not engage in business with or facilitate transactions involving parties from countries on the OFAC lists, as well as those that Proxibid considers high risk. Proxibid does not engage in business with or facilitate transactions with individuals or entities from the following countries:

  • Balkans
  • Belarus
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cote d’ Ivorire (Ivory Coast)
  • Cuba
  • Congo (DRC)
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe


  • Section 28. Google Analytics Disclosure

This website uses the Google Analytics web analytics service. Google Analytics is used to support Display Advertising and collects certain data about this website’s traffic via a DoubleClick cookie and the standard Google Analytics implementation. The specific Google Analytics features used by this website are Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. With Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, Proxibid will use information such as user age, gender and interests from Google’s Interest-based advertising or third party audience data to improve services on this website. Proxibid does not and will not merge any personally-identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information previously collected from Display Advertising unless you have been given notice of and have given prior affirmative (i.e. opt-in) consent to that merger. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this website is restricted by the Google Privacy Policy. You can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on return visits to this website by disabling the Google Analytics cookie on your browser. You can also view and change the currently available opt-outs for Google Ads. You can also use the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) Consumer Opt-Out Tool to opt-out of Internet-Based Advertising.


  • Section 29. Notices and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement

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