Harvest season and the right equipment

One of the most important times of the year is happening now for farmers, harvest season! This is the end of the season for crops and time to make a profit on all of their hard work this year! This season starts in October and runs until November. However, with all the rain that has happened in October, farmers could be facing major challenges in harvesting their crops.

All about harvesting season

The largest United States crop, in terms of production, is corn! The Midwest area is known as the “corn belt” with over 12 billion bushels of corn grown and harvested! The next biggest crops are soybeans and wheat!


Corn is an extremely important crop all around the world! This is a staple food source and a main ingredient in thousands of different products we consume each and everyday.


Corn is also a main ingredient in ethanol which powers our vehicles! Who knew one type of crop would have such a large impact on our daily lives?!


This harvest season has been difficult for Midwestern farmers with the hurricane bringing more rain than expected. With the additional rain, it makes it difficult to harvest because fields are damp and flooded. A manager in eastern Iowa states, “it will be ‘go time’ next week if it doesn’t rain. Everybody will be going hard.” All corn will be harvested first thing because the soybean fields are still too wet to be harvested in certain areas.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported, as of October 14th, Iowa farmers have harvested 10 percent of their corn crops and 39 percent of their soybean fields. In recent years, around this time, farmers have 39 percent of their corn harvested and 65 percent of their soybean fields done.


It’s apparent that it’s ‘go time’ for farmers in the Midwest! With the delay, it is important to keep on track with the right equipment. What are your options? It’s simple, buy used equipment.

Where can you get equipment?

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Don’t let the rain or equipment stop you from harvesting this year.


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