Getting Ready for the Fall Buying Season

Fall marks the beginning of a buying season when businesses get serious about Q4 goals to ensure they finish the year profitably, and complete their equipment needs to manage demand into the new year. For any business looking for high-priced assets, no matter the category—construction, industrial, or farm/ag equipment—there are three compelling reasons to use Proxibid for your online purchases.



Proxibid was founded to serve as a conduit connecting auction companies to buyers in disparate locations. The superior selection of goods available for auction in specific categories—real estate assets, heavy construction and industrial equipment, and highly valued collectibles—is a result of intense focus on servicing this particular need. When there’s a lack of activity in a specific product category, auctions are difficult and unpredictable.

Proxibid’s focus on connecting buyers and sellers, combined with its superior product selection, brings a level of stability to these specialized categories. When there’s a solid foundation of predictability, buyers and sellers see positive results, and greater selection follows. With an exceptional product selection, Proxibid is the top auction site for these specialized categories.



Of all the factors in play for buyers or sellers deciding to participate in an online auction, trust is perhaps the most important. That’s especially true in the markets served by Proxibid, where the focus is on specialized categories of higher-priced goods. There’s more at stake in a Proxibid auction than in other typical auctions. We’re not talking about a new carburetor or a cutting board; we’re talking about critical business equipment, and rare and costly collectibles. It’s important that the process works flawlessly.

Not everyone can be a Proxibid seller. Proxibid sellers are established businesses with storefronts, reputations, and track records. They undergo extensive background and reference checks. Proxibid knows buyers are seeking equipment that will move their own businesses forward—and there’s no room for costly errors. Proxibid’s rigorous seller vetting program ensures only the best of the best can sell in our Marketplace.



Proxibid recognizes that auctions aren’t for everyone. That is why the company offers a full-service Marketplace with multiple ways to buy and sell. Proxibid also works with trusted third parties to provide convenient shipping and financing solutions to help buyers acquire equipment critical to their day-to-day business operations.

Proxibid has all the features necessary to put the buyer in the driver’s seat, with four different buying models to address every business need.

  • The Timed Auction model is the traditional model with which any buyer would be familiar.
  • The Live Auction method is the true on-site auction environment where a sale is conducted on location, with or without an onsite audience.
  • The Buy Now option allows business buyers with a set budget to plan and execute their purchases in a precise, controlled way.
  • Finally, the Make Offer option lets buyers seek out opportunities to negotiate the price of their desired item.


Proxibid is the Best Choice

Proxibid hasn’t lost sight of its values—the company works to connect buyers to sellers and provide great selection, all through a superior customer experience that offers flexibility and security. With multiple ways to purchase, finance, and ship large equipment, Proxibid is uniquely positioned to help companies leverage the fall buying season and prepare for success in the future.