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Our Leadership Team

Our success is a team effort, with every member of every department working toward the same goal—making you happy.

Our staff exemplifies our core values, but we take our cues from a leadership team that inspires greatness at every turn.

Ryan Downs

Ryan Downs

President and CEO

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Since joining Proxibid in August 2010, Ryan Downs has been responsible for driving the strategy, vision, and mission for the Company.

Ryan Downs joined Proxibid from eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), where he served in a number of roles, most recently as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations for PayPal, eBay’s payments division. In that role, Ryan Downs was responsible for customer service, risk operations, merchant operations, and various other functions. As one of the top executives at PayPal, Ryan Downs was instrumental in PayPal’s integration with eBay, expansion to Europe and Asia, and the launch of the merchant business. He also spearheaded efforts to improve the end-to-end user experience for PayPal and eBay customers.

Ryan Downs serves on the Board of Directors for Live Ops, a leading provider of on-demand call center technology and home agent outsourcing services. He is also a member of the Corporate Board for the Raikes School at the University of Nebraska, an honors program focused on the intersection of business and computer science.

Ryan Downs earned a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences in 1991 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1994.

James Hajek

James Hajek

Chief Financial Officer

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In his role as Chief Financial Officer, James Hajek leads Proxibid’s financial operations and investor relations teams. As a business leader with an accounting, finance, and operating background, James brings a wealth of experience positioning investor-backed companies for growth, managing private equity relationships, and working proactively with executive and management teams to achieve profitability.

James Hajek joins Proxibid from Corepoint Health, LLC, where he served as Chief Financial Officer, responsible for all financial reporting, forecasting, treasury, tax, investor relations, debt compliance, contracts, and all aspects of HR, legal and risk management. Prior to Corepoint Health, James served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Operations for Pivot3, Inc., where he helped the company grow its revenues and finalize a growth capital equity round with Samsung Ventures. He also served as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Strategic Programs at GE Asset Intelligence, Inc., Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Terion, Inc. and has held financial leadership positions at Marconi plc, and CS Wireless Systems, Inc. James Hajek is also a licensed CPA.

James Hajek holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Finance, and Accounting from The University of Texas.

Greg Nichols

Gregory Nichols

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

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As Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Proxibid, Gregory Nichols is responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing the company’s technical vision, technical operations, and all aspects of the company’s technology development. Gregory Nichols plays an integral role in Proxibid’s strategic direction, research, development, and future growth with regard to technology products and services.

In this role, Gregory Nichols is responsible for establishing technical standards and ensuring adherence to them for development and company operations. He anticipates and reacts to technology changes to ensure the maintenance of company leadership in the competitive landscape. Gregory Nichols works with his team to bring new features and functionality to market to ensure Proxibid’s role as an industry leader.

Prior to joining Proxibid, Gregory Nichols served as Vice President of Software Development at CSG Systems and Vice President of Product Development at ACI Worldwide. He brings with him more than 20 years of continuous achievement in aligning cross-functional teams to effectively deliver to the company’s strategic objectives.

Jackie Glassman

Jacqueline Glassman

Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Operations 

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As Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Operations, Jacqueline is responsible for defining Proxibid’s vision and strategy as well as building the products and driving the operations necessary to bring that vision to light. Jacqueline’s industry experience helps steer Proxibid’s strategic direction and informs future product and service growth.

Jacqueline leads Proxibid’s Product Management and Strategy teams to develop and implement new products and services that reflect Proxibid’s strategic initiatives. As a business leader with a Sales and Account Management background, she leads Proxibid’s Risk, Payments, and Customer Support teams to offer a client-centric approach for introducing new products as well as maximizing customer satisfaction with Proxibid’s existing product portfolio. Jacqueline is also responsible for establishing Proxibid’s strategic initiatives and developing financial plans, resource allocation, and metrics to ensure success.

Jacqueline joined Proxibid in 2009 and has experience within many facets of the business, most recently as Chief of Staff leading cross-functional teams to maximize organizational performance. Prior to this role, Jacqueline Glassman managed Proxibid’s Sales and Client Services teams, overseeing the customer-facing groups largely accountable for all client interactions.

Tom McSweeney

Tom McSweeney

Senior Vice President, Sales

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As Senior Vice President of Sales for Proxibid, Tom McSweeney is responsible for global sales and strategic growth initiatives for the company. Tom McSweeney’s expertise in managing quantifiable results as a senior-level leader in sales and business development coupled with his deep international and sales operations experience makes him a valuable asset to the Proxibid team.

Tom McSweeney joins Proxibid from InfoGROUP Inc., formerly known as InfoUSA, where he served in several capacities, most recently as Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions. In that role, Tom McSweeney was tasked with merging several sales teams into one, building a comprehensive go-to-market strategy built around a client-centric approach. He also led InfoGROUP’s premier subscription division, Salesgenie. In his role as president, Tom McSweeney made investment decisions in growing enterprise and channel sales, which helped fuel growth, significantly improved client retention, and dramatically lowered the cost of acquiring new clients.

Prior to InfoGROUP, Tom McSweeney contributed more than 25 years at Automatic Data Processing (ADP), where he had ever -increasing roles of leadership and responsibility for revenue, sales growth, and manpower. Roles as Central Division Vice President, Division Vice President of Sales Operations, and Vice President of ADP Europe were defined by identifying and developing talent and building high-performing teams that consistently exceeded their aggressive targets.

Damon Peters

Damon Peters

Chief Marketing Officer

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As Chief Marketing Officer, Damon Peters is responsible for establishing the strategic growth and brand direction for Proxibid. Damon Peters has a proven track record in driving marketing strategy, growing businesses, and leading high-performing teams to success, and will help Proxibid build on our success as a leading online platform.

Damon Peters joins Proxibid from where he served most recently as Vice President of Marketing. In that role, Damon Peters oversaw the company’s digital marketing business. He was a nine-year veteran of the company and drove growth within the merchandising and marketing departments, including content strategy and new business development.

Damon Peters holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Maine.