Winter construction safety tips!

No matter the weather, the construction industry can be a dangerous place to work.  OSHA released in a 2016 study, more than 5,190 construction workers were killed in a single year. This is on average 14 deaths every day!

In the Midwest and all over the United States, winter can be a harsh weather climate to work outside. However, in the construction industry, work needs to be completed by a deadline, rain or blizzard.

At Proxibid, we sell heavy machinery for all types of construction projects. We want all construction workers to be safe while they’re using equipment or working on site.

Here’s how to keep construction workers safe this winter.

Reduce exposure

With winter comes frostbite and hypothermia. With prolonged exposure, these conditions can become severe and badly affect the wellbeing of construction employees.

The best thing to do is break up your huge project into several, small projects and let your employees take turns. It’s understandable that you can’t entirely avoid exposure to the elements, but you can at least try to minimize it.

The right clothing

These are the items that those working outside should be wearing on the job site each day:

  • Sweatshirts

  • Warm jackets

  • Thermal pants and shirts

  • Hats, gloves, scarfs, and eyewear

  • Appropriate footwear

Encourage your employees to dress appropriately for winter. This prevents accidents and possible injuries. Along with safe clothing, employers should provide safety gear as per industry regulations. Abide by all regulations for dressing warm and keep safe.

Ensure vehicles and equipment are in great condition

All work vehicles must be checked to ensure they are in working order.  Extreme temperatures negatively impact the efficiency of equipment.; make certain vehicles are working properly. Always check your heavy machinery and continue with the proper maintenance throughout the year.

We recommend keeping an emergency kit in all the equipment cabs. You never know when a jam or malfunction may occur!

The final steps

The walkways, sidewalks, stairways and other forms of transportation need to be cleared of snow, ice, and slush each day. Keep the construction site clean and the floors visible. Ultimately, create a workplace that is safe and comfortable for your employees.

Above all, educate your employees about the risks associated with the cold weather and the safety tips relating to the same.