The newest heavy machinery releases for 2019!

Bulldozers, excavators, compactors, off-highway trucks, and the thousands of other heavy machinery items on the market are receiving new upgrades and technology inside and out! For those working in construction, infrastructure, mining, and other heavy equipment industries: this is an exciting moment to add some of these machines to your wish list.

This is the newest heavy machinery that is on the market for the new year approaching! You’ll be shocked by some of these new updates for 2019, machinery is starting to evolve for the better.


At it send of the year event, Caterpillar released more than 24 new machines that will soon be on the market. The Next Gen motor graders are the CAT 120 and CAT 140. These two new machines are focusing on offering a broader range of options and customization for the operator.

Both of the machine’s cabs will be redesigned with more room for the operator and less machine and outside noise. The new control options will change as well, giving operators a new experience. The CAT 140 will have a display screen that includes the machine’s functions and connects with CAT Connect. This machine will also offer an air-suspension seat, rear wipers, a defroster, and a rearview camera.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences in heavy machinery.

The next generation of 30-ton excavators is changing with CAT. The new 330 can lift 10 percent more than its counterpart 330F and 15 percent more than 330D2. The machine will also offer a swing pressure, larger swing drive, a five percent increase in its swing torque than the previous machines.

Furthermore, CAT states that the 330 can increase an operator’s efficiency by 45 percent more than their traditional operations. The new excavator will provide a touchscreen display inside all cabs. Select models will feature  a keyless push start f. Finally, this new machine will reduce maintenance costs by 20 percent over its lifetime. CAT isn’t stopping at excavators for its release of the 330 generation.

Along with its 30-ton excavators, CAT is increasing its 20-ton excavators with three new models! The CAT 320 GC is a low cost but high performance. The CAT 320 raises the bar for fuel economy and CAT 323 with new speed, power and life capacity.

CAT is also introducing a new dump truck lineup with redesigns of its 2017 release. The 740 is a redesign of the 735 and 730 trucks earlier this year. The new 740 GC will be offering new controls, transmission protection, traction control, assist system and a new retarder-control system!


Autonomous driving vehicles and trucks are slowly being designed and added to the market. Volvo has successfully deployed a fleet of trucks made for mining. These trucks are currently being tested in Norway to help find the best solutions for mining, paths and customers needs.

Volvo has teamed up with Skanska, which is the oldest quarry in Sweden, to help reduce emissions. The new machines were made specifically for mining and quarries and include the  first 70-ton electric-diesel hybrids. The second type is a wheel loader, also an electric-diesel hybrid, which is larger than Volvo’s current wheel-loader. Finally, there is the HX2 autonomous load carriers, which ferry material in the quarry.

These new machines are adding technology, comfort, and style to the industries that need them. Before you purchase new or used equipment, make sure to check all your equipment. For all your used heavy machinery equipment needs,  go to our website and check out the most current list of upcoming auctions.