Our Services

Proxibid is committed to a singular goal — driving success for our clients.

This evolution has been driven by a committed and passion-fueled team that crosses disciplines. Learn more about the everyday services provided by our 165+ employees.

Account Management

Providing full-service sales consultation and best practices implementation—from account creation through to invoicing.

A personal Account Manager is assigned to every seller in the Marketplace; think of them as a seller’s own personal concierge. This expert employee provides consulting services to prepare sellers for running events with Proxibid. Account Managers are with sellers every step of the way—from account creation to setting up a storefront, through a seller’s first sale and on to a seller’s 500th sale. They understand the impact online buying activity can have on the bottom line, and work to ensure event goals and projections are in line with a seller’s business.

In addition, our team of Account Managers delivers regular recommendations compiled from the analysis of a seller’s event and data from across our Marketplace. This information educates sellers about buyers and their habits. Access to this type of sales data is not provided by our competitors. However, at Proxibid, we believe arming sellers with this information only makes our sellers smarter, strengthening the overall Marketplace.


We provide boots on the ground or on-call support for a seller’s event.

Proxibid’s Logistics team is available to run the Proxibid live bidding software on-site at a seller’s event or remotely from our offices in Nebraska. With an agent on site at your auction, you have an extra pair of hands to assist your team. But before an event ever begins, our agents can be an asset for sellers. The Logistics staff can complete principal photography and video, in addition to cataloging inventory. You might say Proxibid agents are the Swiss Army Knives of the auction industry. Each year, this talented team manages more than $1.5B in inventory.

Customer support

An on-call team 7 days a week to support buyers and sellers.

Proxibid staffs a Customer Support team 7 days a week, operating from 7 AM to 10 PM central, to provide technical assistance and troubleshooting for buyers and sellers. Our department is not a scripted call center but a team of real-live experts on the Proxibid platform, operating out of our headquarters in Nebraska. If you’ve got a question, they’ve got the answer, in Spanish or English. And it’s free.


Take advantage of our full-service, in-house marketing, and advertising agency.

Proxibid staffs a full-service, in-house Marketing team with disciplines that include marketing strategy, media buying, graphic design, Web development, video production, and reporting. Our team executes promotional campaigns across print, the web, television, radio and social channels that put sellers’ events in front of millions of consumers every week. The team also employs industry-leading search marketing strategies to help buyers find your inventory.

The team also manages all advertising on Proxibid.com. The Marketplace is a robust advertising platform that delivers millions of impressions weekly for our sellers.

  • Marketing opportunities include on-site display advertising, weekly email newsletter promotion, custom email campaigns, and third-party co-op advertising.
  • Included with all Proxibid advertising is the creative execution of necessary materials by our team of top-notch designers.
  • Proxibid advertising consistently outperforms industry benchmarks including open rates and click through performance.

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Product Team

Champions for the marketplace’s user experience.

The Product team acts as the keeper of the online Proxibid experience. With a keen understanding of how buyers and sellers use our site, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the Marketplace’s functionality. They build the requirements and blueprints for site features and enhancements. The Product group communicates regularly with front-line team members (Account Managers, Customer Support staff, and Logistics Agents) to stay on top of the challenges facing our sellers every day. Our Product department works in a two-week release cycle – turning out improvements with a rigorous schedule unmatched by any other provider.


A team committed to excellence.

Proxibid delivers on a world-class commitment to system availability and reliability. Our technology team has built, and now maintains, a fully-redundant, enterprise-class system that stands alone in the industry boasting a 99.9+ percent uptime for sellers. Proxibid invested more than $10M to ensure the platform’s stability and scalability.

Our development team is world-class and not only helps Proxibid build the best tools, but can do custom work for our sellers. Because we built our technology in-house, we are able to continuously enhance our solution to meet the growing needs of our clients.