Winter Weather Machinery Maintenance

Many industries rely on heavy machinery to get the job done. Some jobs completely rely on tough and rugged heavy machinery to help start, continue and finish important projects

To maintain your machine’s integrity for the next several years, it is critical to maintain the inside of the machine as well as he outside.  Without maintenance, a piece of heavy machinery can be damaged and cause severe problems over the course of its lifetime.

The constant high and low weather changes will affect a number of elements on your heavy machinery. These are the top items to check  and to ensure you conduct proper maintenance all winter long.

The battery

If the battery isn’t holding a charge, is dead, or is ruined, the piece of equipment will not function and run properly. Your battery will lose up to 35 percent of its power at 32 degrees fahrenheit and lose 60 percent when it zero degrees and colder. Be sure to properly store your machine during cold or inclement weather.

The tires

Your equipment weights more than an elephant or two and  the tires will support all of this weight. Remember, a tire will deflate faster in the colder months and more wear and tear will show as well.

Any and all fluids

This is one of the most important items on the checklist and should be reviewed on  daily basis. If a piece of equipment isn’t getting oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, or a number of other important fluids to the correct parts of the machinery, it can cause long-term damage. This can cause the machine to slow down over time, breakdown, and cause a lot of aggravation for operations and owners.

With fluids comes the filtration system. The filtration system needs to be hooked up correctly and not frozen. If a machine’s fluid is working properly and is filled but seems to be slow or won’t start, check the filtration systems and hoses. This can easily get clogged or backed-up from the cold weather.

The undercarriage

The undercarriage covers 40 to 60 percent of the maintenance costs in a single machine! Yes, underneath your machine is a major spot for mud, snow, ice, and debris to get trapped and caked onto. Each day, it’s recommended that the operator takes a look at the undercarriage to keep it clean, and inspects for any leaking fluids, missing parts, loose parts or anything else that looks out of the ordinary.

This kind of inspection is especially needed for backhoes and excavators. This is because the winter climate often causes the work areas and roads to be slick, which puts more pressure on your machine’s tires, suspension, and frame. If you plan on using these two pieces of equipment all winter long, it’s vital to make an undercarriage inspection part of the daily tasks for the operator.

The engine

Next to the battery, the engine is what keeps the machine running each day! Ensure fluids are properly getting to the engine. This will decrease the likelihood of damage to the machine’s engine.  Start the machine regularly, and well in advance of any job. This allows for the radiator to warm-up and guarantees nothing is blocking the fan. From there, make sure the engine is lubricated with the right amount of fluids.

Keep your heavy machinery running for years to come. Once it’s time for an update, visit our website for your next heavy machinery purchase.

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