company culture

25 Sep: 2019 Kathy Hartnett Award | Part 1 of 2

We love recognizing team members who have gone above and beyond to make Proxibid an amazing place. Each year we honor the memory of our friend and colleague, Kathy Hartnett, with the Kathy Hartnett Award for Employee Excellence, a peer-nominated honor awarded to an employee who has not only embraced Proxibid’s core values but who has also made a lasting…


21 Aug: 2019 Q2 Proxi Moxies

Last week we had the opportunity to celebrate our team members who go above and beyond to embrace Proxibid’s core values of Professionalism, Respect, Opportunity, X-Factor, and Innovation. Congratulations to Bill Lindsey, Jarred Workman, Melissa Berry, Dave Billings, Steve Berry, and Craig Taylor, on having the moxie…the Proxi Moxie!