Proxibid: The 24-Hour Global Equipment Marketplace

Nothing is more frustrating than not having access to equipment you need, when you need it, especially when your business depends on it. When you’re acquiring equipment, work schedules, travel, and time zones can make an otherwise painless process long and cumbersome. That’s why we’ve designed Proxibid’s 24-hour global equipment Marketplace – to help buyers access equipment around the world on their schedule.

Consider the following scenario: You just landed a lucrative contract that will catapult your construction business to the next level. Your only problem is that you don’t have the heavy equipment you need to fulfill the contract. You must expand your fleet—and do it quickly.

To save money and maximize the value of your purchases, you decide to buy used equipment. So, you start looking over classified ads. After several hours of searching, you find a piece of equipment you want to buy and attempt to contact the seller to make a purchase. A day goes by without a response. Two days go by. Three days. Nothing. When the seller finally responds, you go back and forth with them trading voicemail messages and trying to work out a deal. In the end, the equipment is sold to another buyer and you are left exasperated and empty-handed. You’ve wasted time and energy, and you are no closer to getting the equipment you need.


How to Buy Equipment on Your Terms in the Marketplace

We’ve worked to remedy these pain-points in the equipment buying process. Proxibid offers a 24×7 acquisition channel that makes it easy for buyers to find and purchase the equipment they need, when they need it.

In addition to timed auctions and live auctions, Proxibid sellers can list their items in a “Buy Now” or “Make Offer” format. Select the equipment that you want to purchase, pay the list price or make an offer, and the item is yours.

With a “Buy Now” or “Make Offer” listing, interested buyers anywhere around the world can connect with sellers, even during off-hours. There are no missed purchasing opportunities due to geographical or time-zone restrictions. And, if time is of the essence, you can buy what you need right away without having to wait for an auction. Rest assured, Proxibid’s secure transaction engine runs behind-the-scenes to ensure buyers are safe when purchasing online.

With Proxibid, you have immediate access to the equipment you need to expand your operations. Stop wasting time and energy hunting down equipment or other items in classified ads. Put Proxibid’s robust platform and secure transaction engine to work for you, when you want, how you want.