How Are You Celebrating National Auctioneers Week?

Happy National Auctioneers Week! April 26-May 1 is officially dedicated to honoring those in the auctioneering industry. It’s a time to salute auctioneers throughout the country and around the world for their expertise, ingenuity and creativity.

Auctions are one of the oldest forms of buying and selling goods, dating so far back in time that no one knows for sure when the first auction took place. It’s estimated that nearly $250 billion in goods are sold by professional auctioneers every year, according to the National Auctioneers Association. Auction Technology Group (ATG) connects auctioneers and bidders with more than four million lots sold online each year across all six marketplaces.

ATG’s auctions span three major sectors: industrial machinery, construction and farm equipment; art, antiques and collectibles; and consumer surplus and retail returns. We host more than 30,000 auctions each year, partnering with more than 2,000 auction houses that use our technology.

The Latest in Auction Technology 

Today’s auction technology has brought the industry into the 21st century, helping it remain a convenient, enjoyable way to buy and sell goods. Throughout ATG’s 50-year history, we have adapted and grown with the auction industry, introducing new marketplaces, technology and tools to help auction houses grow their businesses while providing new ways for bidders to access auctions – from wherever they are.

Real-time audio and video broadcast technology allows auctioneers and bidders to take part in the auction, regardless of whether they can attend the event in person. This helps auctioneers who partner with ATG reach new buyers online.

Our Commitments to Auctioneers

ATG’s five commitments to auctioneers include: 

  1. We build robust, secure, feature-rich auction marketplaces which are optimized to convert traffic into buyers for auctioneers.  
  2. We execute effective digital marketing to grow the global bidder base for auctioneers.                  
  3. We provide business intelligence to deliver online auction insights to auctioneers. 
  4. We strive to offer best-in-class auctioneer and bidder support.  
  5. We commit unrivaled investment to future-proof the auction industry for auctioneers and never compete with you for an asset. 

Have a Happy National Auctioneers Week

Thanks to our auction company clients, partners and friends for their loyalty and support throughout the years. Wishing you all a happy National Auctioneers Week! 

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