Auctioneer Heads-Up Display

You've Got the Power

Real-Time Online Bidding Data at Your Fingertips

Experienced auctioneers can quickly identify interested bidders with just a glance of the live audience. But when it comes to online bidders, auctioneers may feel as though they are flying blind…until now.

Introducing the Proxibid Auctioneer Heads-Up Display

This exciting new product provides vital bidding information to auctioneers in real time. Our easy-to-read display keeps auctioneers better informed of incoming bids and bidder interest.


  • Large High Bid Display shows the current high bid
  • Alerts highlight new bidding activity
  • Color-coded interest meter displays the buyer information and interest level
  • Bid history table displays and records all onsite and internet bids
  • Lot info shows lot title and image of the item up for bid
  • Responsive User Interface for use with standard 1080p HDTV and tablets, with landscape or portrait orientation

Add the Proxibid Auctioneer Heads-Up Display to your auction toolkit today. Contact your Account Manager to get started.