ATG and Proxibid’s Five Commitments to Auctioneers: Commitment No. 1 

Auction Technology Group (ATG) has served the auction industry for 50 years, 20+ as an online technology provider. Our primary ambition has remained constant throughout that time — to be the trusted partner for auctioneers.   

Successful partnerships are built on establishing a shared vision and delivering on commitments made to one’s partner. In this series of posts, we’ll share the 5 commitments that ATG has made to auctioneers. 


We build robust, secure, feature-rich auction marketplaces which are optimized to convert traffic into buyers for auctioneers.

TRAFFIC: We build online marketplaces that rank highly on search engine results pages. Being online for 20+ years is a key factor in establishing great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can’t be easily replicated.  

SEO is a crucial part of our digital marketing strategy; therefore, we invest heavily to ensure we maximize the visibility of our partner auctioneers’ content on every search.   

CONVERSION: Generating online traffic is of paramount importance but converting those visitors into paying customers for auctioneers is essential — and therefore a primary area of focus and investment for ATG. We hire specialists in eCommerce User Experience (UX) who are focused entirely on ensuring the bidder journey is continually improving and meeting the current expectations of the online buyer.  

The better the UX, the more likely the visitor turns into an auction registrant, active bidder and ultimately a paying customer for an auction house. ATG’s focus in this area helps create a shared success model, a true win-win.  

SECURITY: A key aspect of creating a ‘trusted online buying environment’ is data and system security. Keeping pace with the rate of technological advancement in this area requires constant investment and reinvestment.  

The scale of ATG allows for the required investment to provide technology which meets all necessary security, regulatory and compliance requirements. Our marketplace model enables each auctioneer to gain access to this fully compliant technology at a fraction of the cost.    

Be sure to check back for more on this topic as we share the remaining commitments in our upcoming posts.   

Globally, over 2,000 auction houses trust ATG to support the online aspect of their business. As a publicly traded company, we provide 100% transparency to our vision, strategy, and commitments to auctioneers. We strive to maintain a professional standard in all areas of our services. The combined efforts of ATG and our auction house partners serve to protect the place of auctioneers and help to foster growth in the auction industry. 

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