2019 Product Release Notes

January 14

New Features

Search, Suggest, and Save

Proxibid already provides buyers with several ways to search and save items of interest. And now we’ve added an auto-suggest by category feature that places you on the fast path find to exactly what you are looking for. Simply type in your query and we’ll start searching the Proxibid Marketplace and present back to you the most relevant items and categories that match your request.

And remember, once you’ve found your items you can use our “saved search” and “watch” list to keep track of the items you search for the most.

Our auto-suggest search is also used within an auction’s catalog search field. Again, just begin typing the item you are looking for and our best matches will begin to appear, making for a quick click directly to items you’d like to view.

Saved Search

Save time by saving your regular searched items. We’ll send you email alerts when new items that match your search are listed.

To save a search, just click on the “Create Saved Search” button that appears with each new searched item. Our saved search allows you to personalize your notifications or keep them simple with the default categories, selling methods, and email frequency.

Watch List

You can use your watch list to keep track of items you are interested in, have pre-bids on, or purchased in the last 60 days. Your watched items appear on your MyProxibid dashboard once you’ve selected the “watch this item” button on each available item, and automatically when you place a pre-bid or purchase an item.