Your Online Safety is Our Number One Priority

If your inbox looks anything like ours, you’re getting bombarded by phishing emails and other schemes by fraudsters hoping to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. At Proxibid, your online safety and security is our number one priority.

Below we have outlined a few suggestions to keep to-of-mind when transacting on Proxibid:

  • We never say “Dear Customer” and always include your name in any communication regarding your account
  • Proxibid never asks buyers to provide password, security question, or financial information via email
  • We never link to our login page from an email—buyers are always asked to visit our site to log in
  • If you believe your account has been compromised, log in immediately and change your password in MyProxibid
  • We strongly recommend that security software be installed. While this won’t prevent phishing, it will protect from malware being installed, including keystroke loggers that capture passwords and credit card numbers. And, make sure to keep your security software current.
  • Forward any questionable emails to for review by Proxibid’s Risk team, and then delete that email

We’re committed to providing a fraud-free Marketplace where you can browse, bid, and buy without worry.

MarketGuard is a proprietary faud detection technology that keeps the Proxibid Marketplace secure for buyers and sellers. It’s a fraud detection technology that works behind-the-scenes to keep transactions on our site safe and secure. Check out our video to learn how it works. Looking for even more information on MarketGuard? Visit Proxibid’s Trust Page to read more.

Got questions? Proxibid is here to help. Contact our Customer Support team 7 days a week for assistance: 877-505-7770. For more information about online safety and buying on Proxibid, click here.