What’s a Live Auction Webcast?

Few things are more exciting than a live auction. The atmosphere is electrified with the sights and sounds of rapid bidding. It’s exhilarating. However, if you don’t live or work near the location where the item you want is being auctioned, you may miss out on the excitement, and a great deal.

The next best thing to being at a live auction is participating in a live auction webcast.

What is a Live Auction Webcast?

A live auction webcast is an online broadcast of a live auction. Live auction webcasts allow anyone with an internet connection to participate in an auction taking place anywhere in the world.

Participating in a live auction online is just like being at a live auction, but without the inconvenience of traveling to the onsite event. Buyers begin by perusing the online catalog to find the item they want to purchase. Even though they are joining the auction online, buyers will be able to experience the excitement of a live auction as they bid against other onsite and online bidders in real time. While they may be bidding through their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they’ll feel like they are sitting in the first row of a live auction.

It’s All in the Technology

Proxibid’s online bidding platform makes it possible for bidders to participate in real time, competing against onsite and other online bidders. A real, live person operates our software and provides a constant stream of communication to online bidders. Buyers can ask questions about individual items or the auction itself.

Part of the convenience of online bidding is not having to travel to the auction. And, if you can’t participate live online, Proxibid’s system allows for prebids. Buyers can place prebids on an individual item before it is up on the auction block. This is a convenience for bidders who don’t have time to watch the live auction. It’s simple. Just enter the maximum about you are willing to pay for the items, and our dynamic “Auto Bid” function will bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount. Should you become outbid, our system will notify you, so you never miss out on the opportunity to win the items you want.

Live Auction Webcasts are Convenient

Live auction webcasts offer unparalleled convenience because they put buyers in control. There is no need to spend time and money traveling to the auction site, joining the crowd, and waiting around through lot after lot until the desired item comes up for bid.

Instead, buyers can simply join auction online. This way, they can quickly find the item they want to purchase—then turn their attention to work or relaxation until the auction begins. No crowds. No waiting. No hassles.

How it Works

Bidding during a Proxibid live auction is easy. Proxibid offers two ways to join a live auction. First, bidders can click the blue “Live Auctions” link on the home page. You’ll be taken to a list of all auctions. Click on the auction you are interested in and you’ll have access to the live auction.

Another way to participate in a live auction is to find the item you are interested in purchasing. If it is being sold in a live auction, you’ll see “Live auction in progress!” just below the item description and the current bid. Again, click on the item and you’ll have access to the live auction.

Savvy Bidders Take Control with Live Auction Webcasts

Whether the live auction is taking place across town or across the globe, participating in a live auction webcast is a smart option for savvy buyers. Often, online bidders are more informed about the items up for bid than their onsite counterparts, as they have easy access to online resources during the auction.

Onsite buyers only have the materials they brought with them to the auction. Online bidders have the resources available to do deeper research on any items they are seeking to purchase. And, they can quickly compare two or more auctions for similar items to fine-tune their bidding strategy.

With industry-leading security and support features for online bidding, Proxibid’s live auction webcasts give remote buyers an edge that may help them get a great deal on rare items located anywhere in the world—from the comfort of home.