Tips for Shipping Your New Collector Car

The gavel drops and you’ve just won the classic car of your dream! However, it’s important to have shipping arrangements in place to get your classic car delivered safely.

Follow these simple steps to prep your vehicle and get it transported from Point A to Point B.

Preparing Your Collector Car for Shipping

The first step is to always research the shipping company you plan to use. You can’t just trust anyone or any business to get your vehicle home safely. A simple Google search will give hundreds of shipping companies, but what are previous customers saying? It’s important to understand how much it will cost, the pros and cons of each different business and who seems the most reliable and trustworthy. For the best results, we recommend checking with the seller to determine if they have a preferred carrier.

Second, it’s important to understand any specific insurance requirements or policy options through the seller or through your own auto insurance policy. If the shipper provides it, make sure their insurance will cover your vehicle during transportation. It’s important to find a shipping company that specializes in classic cars, and which offers coverage for any damages that could occur during the process.

Third, determine how your vehicle is being transported. Is it being shipped on an open or a closed carrier? While a traditional open transport is the most affordable option, sometimes it’s best to choose the enclosed option to keep the vehicle safe. It is important to understand that a closed carrier might be a safer choice depending on the vehicle’s current state. (Not all classics are pretty when you purchase them.)

Fourth, document any scratches or wear and tear on the vehicle so you can quickly identify any new blemishes or marks created during the shipping process. Your car is expected to arrive at the destination in the same condition as it was when it left the seller’s lot or garage. Once the car arrives, assess its condition. Should there appear to be any issues, document the damages and send the list of damages to the transportation company to determine next steps.

How to ship it Your New Collector Car

Know how much money you will be spending to ship your vehicle. (This depends on different shipping companies). The average cost to transport a classic car is one dollar for every mile. If the vehicle is going 500 miles, it will cost approximately $ 500, not including additional charges and fees set in place by the shipping company.

It may take up to a week for your new car to arrive. Once it has been delivered you’re ready to place it in your garage or showroom or drive it around town!

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