Three Reasons to Acquire Equipment for Your Business Via Timed, Online-Only Auctions

We know, we know. You’re busy. Your business is demanding more of your energy than ever before, and time is precious. Your plant needs new equipment, your fleet needs updating, or you need to acquire some new machinery to secure your next bid or complete your next job. How can you make this happen when you’re already stretched thin? Buy in an online auction.

Of course, bidding and buying online is nothing new. But when you’re thinking about spending large sums of money on very big pieces of equipment and machinery, it does sound complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. When you purchase in reputable online marketplaces, like Proxibid, you can rest easy knowing you are buying only from top sellers. Proxibid vets all auction companies to ensure only those who meet our marketplace standards can sell on our site. And, because Proxibid offers the industry’s most sophisticated risk management solution and integrated payments systems, designed to facilitate high dollar transactions, buyers can rest easy knowing their transaction is secure.

Why Buy in a Timed, Online-Only Auction?


What could possibly be easier than bidding in an online auction from the comfort of your home or office? With Proxibid, it couldn’t be more efficient. When you bid in a timed, online-only auction with Proxibid, you simply place your bid, up to the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the item, and our system does the rest. So, never miss family time, an important meeting, or worry about missing an auction, because the bidding happens for you. And, if you’re outbid, we will automatically inform you so you can increase the bid amount. It’s that easy.

A Level Playing Field for All Bidders

No sniping here! Proxibid offers extended bidding to ensure the highest bidder truly wins the item. If a bid is placed in the last two minutes (or specific timeframe as identified by the seller), the bidding will automatically extend, allowing anyone who was outbid to place their bid again. This creates a level playing field for all buyers, and ensures the true highest bidder wins the item.

Equipment is Everywhere

Because timed, online-only auctions do not require the auction company to move equipment from its location, the items you’re bidding on can be located anywhere. You might even find equipment up for bid in your hometown. And, even if the inventory you want to buy is located miles away, Proxibid and our sellers work with shipping partners who can assist with load-out and shipping. Be sure to check the terms of sale and to speak with the auction company directly if you have questions about shipping your purchases.

Proxibid lists hundreds of auctions each week. Some important timed, online-only auctions you won’t want to miss this week include: