Credit with a Click: Simple, Fast Financing for Buyers in Online Auctions

Whether you’re expanding your fleet of trucks, purchasing heavy construction equipment, or acquiring the collector car of your dreams, you need to have funds readily available when the online auction ends. If your funds aren’t accessible immediately, you risk missing out on a great deal.

Of course, you could spend all of the time and effort necessary to seek financing from a financial institution in advance of the auction. However, even if you are ultimately approved, the process can be slow—and you may not have access to the funds you need in time to comfortably bid on the item you want to purchase. Moreover, your time and effort may be wasted if you don’t get approved for the amount you need to win the item you want to buy.

Even if you have never considered financing in the past, it helps to have a dependable way to quickly increase your purchasing power so you are ready to take advantage of great deals whenever you find them.

Simple Fast Financing with Express

How to Get Credit in a Click

To offer fast financing options to buyers, Proxibid partnered with Currency Capital, which provides financing for purchases made in the Proxibid Marketplace via its Express product. Because Express makes the application process fast and easy, buyers in Proxibid’s Commercial Trucks, Heavy Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery and Implements, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, and Collector Car categories can gain quick access to capital, maximizing their purchasing power.

Applying for financing from Express is simple. You start the application process by completing and submitting a secure online form. An Express representative will contact you within minutes to discuss a range of fast, reliable, and flexible funding offers with competitive rates, handpicked to meet your needs. Select the offer that works best for you, and the funds you need are available to access when you need them.

There is no need to wait to apply for financing until after you have won the item on which you are bidding. You can begin your request for financing while you are browsing for items, or when you are actively bidding on the item you have selected. This way, you can be confident that when an opportunity arises, you’ll be poised to make the purchase.


Case Study: Express Financing Saves the Day

Imagine spending hours researching online auction lots to find the right item—only to see it sold for a price just out of your reach. That was the predicament facing Tim Jackson of Tim Jackson Salvage, a Proxibid buyer since 2015. He lost out on a chance to purchase a large piece of equipment in the Proxibid Marketplace because he didn’t have the financial liquidity he needed to place a winning bid.

Fortunately for Tim, he discovered Express Financing when browsing Proxibid for his next purchase. After applying for an equipment line of credit, he was approved within minutes. So, when he found another piece of equipment he needed, Tim was prepared with an open and flexible line of credit from Express.

“Thanks to Express, I can spend my time doing what I do best—running my business,” said Tim Jackson. “No more spending fruitless hours searching for an addition to my fleet. When the opportunity arises, I know the financial backing will be easy and simple to obtain.”

With access to financing through Proxibid, you never have to miss out on a great deal again. To increase your purchasing power with personalized financing, simply click the “Instant Financing | Low Payment” link on the auction or catalog page.