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Powered. By Proxibid offers next-generation branded solutions for businesses of all sizes and offers an additional channel into the Marketplace. No matter the size of your organization, Powered. By Proxibid offers options to meet your needs.

Our flexible solutions grow with your business and can include integration and custom development.

Contact Sales@Proxibid.com for more information or to get started.


We are committed to bringing innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology to assist sellers in our Marketplace.

We are constantly developing resources that provide value for our clients. Keep up with the latest and greatest Proxibid updates and industry trends.

Customer Success Stories
Guinn Auction Company

Guinn Auction Company takes advantage of Proxibid’s complete suite of services to continue to grow its business and remain competitive.
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TNT Auction

To ensure TNT Auction maximizes its opportunity to capitalize on both live and online buyers, the company relies exclusively on Proxibid’s unique online selling solutions.
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Classic Car Auctions, Ltd.

Classic Car Auctions, Ltd. utilizes Proxibid’s Logistics team to keep events running even in difficult conditions.
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Ken Porter Auctions

Investing in strategic marketing services available through Proxibid enabled Ken Porter Auctions to grow its business.
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Silverstone Auctions

Silverstone Auctions recognized Proxibid’s best-in-class risk management systems as a key reason to bring all events exclusively to the Marketplace.
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Vision Equipment

Partnering with Proxibid has enabled Vision Equipment to increase buyers and add to its bottom line.
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Sierra Auction Management

Sierra Auction Management uses Proxibid’s timed auction solution to increase return on investment.
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Fahey Sales Auctioneers & Appraisers

Proxibid’s timed auction technology lowers overhead costs.
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Badger Corporation

Badger Corporation decreases post-auction billing and reconciliation time with APN (Auction Payment Network).
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J. Stout Auctions

J. Stout auctions leverages advertising & timed auctions for success in government surplus.
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J.J. Kane Auctioneers

J.J. Kane Auctioneers has successfully added online auctions to its robust event calendar, positively impacting online sales and increasing its bidder base.

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Customer Testimonials
Spring Grove Auction Company

Learn why Spring Grove Auction Company, a leading auction company in the collector car category, trusts Proxibid as its online partner.

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White Papers
Grow Your Business and Maintain A Competitive Edge

The business of buying and selling inventory is challenging. Asset owners are constantly concerned with how to turn assets into cash – balancing acquisition costs, holding costs and the cost of disposition with every decision. Helping these potential consignors manage this struggle creates real opportunity for auctioneers. Learn how you can transition into an advisor to these asset owners. Provide solutions that make their lives easier, and ultimately see your business grow.
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Questions Every Asset Owner Should Ask

Asset disposition is a critical component to many business strategies. Before you choose a liquidation partner, be sure to ask the following questions to ensure you choose a partner who’s right for you.
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Best Practices for Improving Your Seller Ratings

Follow these simple best practices and watch your seller ratings on Proxibid soar.
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Seven Steps to Make Your Online Event More Successful

Follow this best practice guide and watch your sales skyrocket.
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Tips to Prevent & Manage Fraud

Employ these fraud prevention best practices to keep your business safe when transacting online.
Tips to Prevent and Manage Fraud »

Marketplace Guidelines

Review our list of items prohibited for sale in the Proxibid Marketplace »
Review our list of approved grading and autograph authenticators »
Review Guidelines For Mailing Firearms and Ammunition »


Proxibid is committed to a singular goal—driving success for our clients.

This evolution has been driven by a committed and passion-fueled team that crosses disciplines. Learn more about the everyday services provided by our 165+ employees.

Account Management

Providing full-service sales consultation and best practices implementation—from account creation through to invoicing.

A personal Account Manager is assigned to every seller in the Marketplace; think of them as a seller’s own personal concierge. This expert employee provides consulting services to prepare sellers for running events with Proxibid. Account Managers are with sellers every step of the way—from account creation to setting up a storefront, through a seller’s first sale and on to a seller’s 500th sale. They understand the impact online buying activity can have on the bottom line, and work to ensure event goals and projections are in line with a seller’s business.

In addition, our team of Account Managers delivers regular recommendations compiled from the analysis of a seller’s event and data from across our Marketplace. This information educates sellers about buyers and their habits. Access to this type of sales data is not provided by our competitors. However, at Proxibid, we believe arming sellers with this information only makes our sellers smarter, strengthening the overall Marketplace.


We provide boots on the ground or on-call support for a seller’s event.

Proxibid’s Logistics team is available to run the Proxibid live bidding software on-site at a seller’s event or remotely from our offices in Nebraska. With an agent on site at your auction, you have an extra pair of hands to assist your team. But before an event ever begins, our agents can be an asset for sellers. The Logistics staff can complete principal photography and video, in addition to cataloging inventory. You might say Proxibid agents are the Swiss Army Knives of the auction industry. Each year, this talented team manages more than $1.5B in inventory.

Customer Support

An on-call team 7 days a week to support buyers and sellers.

Proxibid staffs a Customer Support team 7 days a week, operating from 7 AM to 10 PM central, to provide technical assistance and troubleshooting for buyers and sellers. Our department is not a scripted call center but a team of real-live experts on the Proxibid platform, operating out of our headquarters in Nebraska. If you’ve got a question, they’ve got the answer, in Spanish or English. And it’s free.


Take advantage of our full-service, in-house marketing, and advertising agency.

Proxibid staffs a full-service, in-house Marketing team with disciplines that include marketing strategy, media buying, graphic design, Web development, video production, and reporting. Our team executes promotional campaigns across print, the web, television, radio and social channels that put sellers’ events in front of millions of consumers every week. The team also employs industry-leading search marketing strategies to help buyers find your inventory.

The team also manages all advertising on Proxibid.com. The Marketplace is a robust advertising platform that delivers millions of impressions weekly for our sellers.

  • Marketing opportunities include on-site display advertising, weekly email newsletter promotion, custom email campaigns, and third-party co-op advertising.
  • Included with all Proxibid advertising is the creative execution of necessary materials by our team of top-notch designers.
  • Proxibid advertising consistently outperforms industry benchmarks including open rates and click through performance.

Check out Proxibid’s Advertising Catalog »

Product Team
Champions for the Marketplace’s user experience.

The Product team acts as the keeper of the online Proxibid experience. With a keen understanding of how buyers and sellers use our site, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the Marketplace’s functionality. They build the requirements and blueprints for site features and enhancements. The Product group communicates regularly with front-line team members (Account Managers, Customer Support staff, and Logistics Agents) to stay on top of the challenges facing our sellers every day. Our Product department works in a two-week release cycle – turning out improvements with a rigorous schedule unmatched by any other provider.

A team committed to excellence.

Proxibid delivers on a world-class commitment to system availability and reliability. Our technology team has built, and now maintains, a fully-redundant, enterprise-class system that stands alone in the industry boasting a 99.9+ percent uptime for sellers. Proxibid invested more than $10M to ensure the platform’s stability and scalability.

Our development team is world-class and not only helps Proxibid build the best tools, but can do custom work for our sellers. Because we built our technology in-house, we are able to continuously enhance our solution to meet the growing needs of our clients.


Proxibid offers the most trusted online Marketplace for highly valued items.

At our core, Proxibid is a Marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect. We are committed to providing the most trusted Marketplace for those buyers and sellers.

The Proof is in the Marketplace

Proxibid has been recognized by The Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating and our platform has an industry-low non-pay rate. But we aren’t stopping there. We are constantly innovating and improving our risk management system. Proxibid is committed to providing a trusted community where buyers and sellers can connect.

Our risk management system is a sophisticated hybrid of proprietary technology and third-party partnerships managed by an in-house team of experts. The system is built around two simple ideas:

  • Ensure buyers and sellers are who they say they are
  • Ensure buyers and sellers do what they say they are going to do

When you sell on Proxibid, rest assured our best-in-class risk management system is behind every sale, whether that be at auction or a more traditional buy now or make offer transaction.

Keeping Fraud Out of the Marketplace

Proxibid diligently monitors the Marketplace 24×7 for fraudulent behavior that could compromise our sellers. These automated safeguards include:

  • Adhering to all requirements for merchant processing to ensure all buyer credit card information is safe
  • Monitoring for previously banned buyer profiles
  • Verifying unusual account activity by location
  • Monitoring changes in account behavior and profile information
  • Tracking abnormal retracted bids
  • Cataloging all bids with detailed information
  • Using external sources to validate buyer information on file
  • Cross-checking buyer information against the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals lists which documents individuals who are prohibited from transacting with U.S. persons
Security in the Marketplace

A number of tools in our risk management system are geared specifically to support the seller:


All sales events on Proxibid are monitored by MarketGuard®, our proprietary, bank-quality risk assessment software. Before any user can complete a buying action in a particular sale, that buyer’s information is run through a series of algorithms and must pass various checkpoints. Marketguard® uses the data entered in the buyer’s account and other third-party information to determine if the buyer will be a reliable customer. Buyers can only participate in a sale if they pass the MarketGuard® test. And if a certain sales event warrants it, sellers can require additional information to ensure buyers are vetted more aggressively. It all happens instantly, behind-the-scenes, giving buyers a hassle-free shopping experience.

Dispute Resolution

Proxibid provides dispute resolution services in those situations when buyers and sellers do come to an impasse regarding a transaction. Proxibid will mitigate the dispute acting as an impartial party representing the Marketplace to ensure both parties live up to their commitments. This is a unique service not seen on any other live selling platform and is highly coveted amongst our sellers.

International Buyer Vetting

Proxibid is a global Marketplace with active buyers from more than 190 countries. It is critical users logging on from outside of the U.S. are vetted as reliable, credible buyers. Proxibid uses state-of-the-art, phone-based authentication technology to verify all international buyers’ identities.

APN Payment Network

APN payment network is the premier online payment processing solution developed specifically for Proxibid sellers, and is designed to streamline payment processing and reporting. With APN you can quickly and securely invoice and reconcile your sales; consolidate credit cards from phone bidders, swiped on-site, hand keyed or via Proxibid into a single system.

And you can stop chasing down buyers for payment. APN is a seller-initiated engine, which means the payment information is already securely stored and sellers are authorized to charge a buyer’s card immediately following a sale.

Sellers who use APN can rest assured transactions are secure and bidders’ personal information is safe. All of APN’s products and services are PCI-compliant meaning they meet the payment card industry’s stringent security requirements. APN was built on a secure network which protects cardholder data and encrypts this data when transmitted across the network. APN maintains a vulnerability management program, implements strong access control measures, regularly monitors and tests networks and maintains an information security policy to ensure a secure environment for all cardholder data.

Marketplace Storefronts

Offer all selling formats in your own Proxibid storefront.

Gain a competitive edge and build a loyal customer base with a storefront within the Proxibid Marketplace. A storefront allows you to direct buyers directly to your inventory. Choose from two different types of storefronts in our Marketplace.

Company Landing Page:

Free with your Proxibid selling account, a company landing page features your logo, basic company information, and lists upcoming and past archived sales.

  • Features your company logo, company name, company description, physical address, contact information and website
  • Provides direct access to all upcoming and archived auctions/events
  • Edit information through the “Company Signature” section within AuctionBuilder
  • Includes a custom URL, www.proxibid.com/companyname, that can be used in marketing materials to drive buyers directly to your sales
Branded Solution:

Leverage Proxibid’s Branded Solution and get a storefront that displays not only in the Proxibid Marketplace but also on your own website. It allows buyers to buy and bid without ever leaving your website.

Branded Solution

Branded Bidding App

  • Our Technology team uses the header and footer from your existing website and inserts your Proxibid auction content on a page that is still hosted and maintained by Proxibid
  • This page is made available via your site’s navigation and from within the Proxibid Marketplace— and always available via your custom URL (www.companyname.proxibid.com)
  • Web traffic stays on your site, offering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits so you can take advantage of both Proxibid Marketplace traffic as well as your own
  • For those sellers running live auctions, the live bidding application will be branded to match the color scheme, look and design of your website


Whether running in a timed or live format, you’ll find no better partner.

The Proxibid Marketplace is committed to providing the most trusted online auction platform. Our timed and live technology is unmatched. Run your events with the industry leader.

Timed Auction
Nobody provides a better platform for online, timed auctions. In 2016 alone, Proxibid ran more than 7,500 timed events.

Depending on a seller’s sense of urgency, inventory can be placed in a timed sale, with or without reserves. Timed events can accept bids for a few hours or several weeks. Last minute bids extend the end time, so the bidder willing to go the highest always wins.

Live Auction
Provide a live bidding experience to buyers anywhere in the world.

Proxibid provides the most seamless live bidding experience on the Web. Run a live auction in our Marketplace and let buyers from anywhere in the world bid in real time. Our live bidding application is easy-to-use and supports audio and video capabilities. Online buyers have a virtual front row seat at your auction. We provide all the training and support for sellers—or if you prefer, our team can run the application onsite or remotely.

See why nearly 8,000 live auctions ran on Proxibid in 2016. Watch a demo of the Live Bidding Application.

Advertise on Proxibid

Proxibid’s Marketplace is full of buyers looking for exactly what you have to sell.

Market your inventory to more than 2 million Proxibid site visitors each month. Our base of active buyers is constantly growing; 13k+ new users open an account monthly. And those buyers reach beyond borders—Proxibid account holders represent more than 190 countries.

Harness the power of the Proxibid buyer base by advertising in our Marketplace. Marketing opportunities include banner display advertising, weekly e-newsletter promotion, and custom email programs. Our email distribution list boasts more than 380k opted-in subscribers. Let our in-house marketing team build a custom marketing plan for your business that will drive real results.

View our Ad Catalog for a comprehensive overview of advertising opportunities on Proxibid.

Buy Now | Make Offer

It’s not enough just to list your equipment online—sell it.

Move beyond just advertising your equipment on industry websites. Sell your inventory on Proxibid—our Marketplace delivers real, online transaction capability and an active buyer base with serious spending power from 190 countries.


Leverage an Active 24/7 Sales Channel
Proxibid’s transaction engine supports both Buy Now and Make Offer transactions:

Buy Now: Name the price you want for your items and buyers purchase directly from you.
Make Offer: Buyers make an offer on your items. You decide which offers to accept.

Offer your inventory on Proxibid and tap into an active sales channel that delivers highly-qualified leads, automated prospect engagement, valuable remarketing opportunities and ultimately, sales.

  • Lead Generation: Capture contact information from engaged prospects browsing your inventory right now.
  • Prospect Engagement: Your sales team can leverage our automated system for communicating with prospects active in the buying process on Proxibid.
  • Remarketing Opportunities: Develop a valuable remarketing database to use for upselling buyers and future re-engagement.
  • 24×7 Sales: Proxibid’s Marketplace is a 24×7 sales engine for your inventory—take advantage of the site’s 2M monthly visitors.
Advertise on Proxibid

Proxibid’s Marketplace is full of buyers looking for exactly what you have to sell.

Market your inventory to more than 2 million Proxibid site visitors each month. Our base of active buyers is constantly growing; 13k+ new users open an account monthly. And those buyers reach beyond borders—Proxibid account holders represent more than 190 countries.

Harness the power of the Proxibid buyer base by advertising in our Marketplace. Marketing opportunities include banner display advertising, weekly e-newsletter promotion and custom email programs. Our email distribution list boasts more than 380k opted-in subscribers. Let our in-house marketing team build a custom marketing plan for your business that will drive real results.

View our Ad Catalog for a comprehensive overview of advertising opportunities on Proxibid.

Interested in selling on Proxibid? Learn more now.

The most trusted online destination for buying and selling highly valued items.

Whether you’re an independent business owner, a large enterprise, an auction company or something in between, Proxibid is the best place to sell.

2018 Auction Stats

With a network of more than 4,000 unique sellers, the best of the best sell on Proxibid. Our expertise spans all major inventory classes. We’ve seen, and sold, it all