Have You Seen it All? The Rarest Items Ever on Proxibid

Proxibid has been around for nearly 15 years, but we’re still surprised by the items that pass through our Marketplace. We’ve seen it all and sold it all—everything from strange to once-in-a lifetime opportunities to celebrity trinkets. Since we are discussing the rarest items ever seen on Proxibid, we might as well start with one fit for a society of odd folks.


A Skeleton and His Wooden Overcoat

We’re not sure about the situation that led our very own Jack Skellington’s demise or how his body and box were recovered, but his history isn’t entirely buried in the past. Before being brought to auction, the skeleton spent 132 years in the possession of the Shell Rock, IA, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, where it is said to have been used in ceremonies of the organization, odd. In October 2012, the Shell Rock chapter of IOOF closed down, just in time for an October 27th pre-Halloween auction. This skeleton turned (broad assumption) Halloween decoration sold for $2,000.

Skeleton Independent Order of Odd Fellows

From The Dead to the Ultimate Killer

While lots of things are called “The Silent Killer,” none are more deadly or less likely than being attacked by Predator from the 80s classic. While unable to cage a living predator for auction, one Proxibid seller hunted down this fantastic metal sculpture. Custom built from various metal pieces, including old car parts, this seven-foot monster appealed to more than just movie fans. It was 500 lbs. of intricate metal work bidders from this world, and perhaps another world, fought to get their hands on—selling for a hammer price of $5,400.

Predator Replica

From Galaxies far away to our own…Puppies in Space

Even Fido was caught up in The Space Race. This canine cosmonaut suit, complete with breathing tube, sold for €14,000 during an auction of Soviet space memorabilia in 2014. As you may remember, the USSR used dogs during the 1950s and 60s to test livability conditions of space flights. Although we’re not sure if this space suit made it into orbit, this pup fashion statement made news when it passed through our Marketplace.

Dog Spacesuit

Speaking of Canines…

Almost everything that has ever entered the Marketplace has been a tangible good, but in this instance we had something that wasn’t tangible, yet. In 2008, an auction on Proxibid gave bidders the opportunity to get a copy of something they already had—a living, breathing, furry, cuddly, cute (let me hold it!) copy of their favorite K-9 companion. This one-of-a-kind auction topped $200k to give someone a new copy of their old friend.


America’s Little Darling

Before the slew of women called America’s Sweetheart, there was Shirley Temple who won America’s hearts with her bouncing blond curls and tap shoes. When the personal childhood collection of Shirley Temple was auctioned off in 2015, buyers were all smiles (and dimples).

This collection featured hundreds of items, including: dolls, dresses, toys and memorabilia from Shirley Temple’s childhood. We can’t go over everything sold at the event in this one little blog, but we can tell the highest priced item, sold online to a buyer for $75,000 —the iconic red polka dot dress Shirley wore in the film “Stand Up and Cheer.”

Stand Up And Cheer Shirley Temple

And America’s King of Corruption

Now from the sweetest girl America has known, to one of the most unsavory men in recent history—Bernie Madoff. Known for his Ponzi scheme, Madoff nearly made off with millions of dollars from investors, until his long running ruse came to a screeching halt in 2008.

To regain some of the lost capital and aid victims of the scheme, the Madoff family’s assets were auctioned off, 69% of which sold to online buyers on Proxibid. The most notable item sold at this auction may have been the custom “Madoff” Mets jacket, which sold to an online bidder, fetching $14,500. On top of the high price tag, this piece was exceptionally interesting, due to the Mets owners’ involvement in the scheme.

Madoff Mets Jacket


Wealth with a Huge Helping of Generosity

Living in our home city, there is a wealthy investor who you might have heard of named Warren Buffett. The Buffett Family is known for supporting local organizations, and in February of 2015, Warren himself donated his signed 2006 Cadillac DTS to benefit Girls Inc. of Omaha. The car sold for an enormous $122,500, over ten times the KBB value for the time. Only Warren Buffett’s car could appreciate like that!

Warren Buffett Cadillac

That wraps up the rarest items on Proxibid. We see unique items all the time, so be sure to follow us on social media to receive more frequent updates about the interesting things passing through our Marketplace.


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