How Proxibid Supports Buyers

Proxibid Supports Buyers

Companies in the auction business have a unique responsibility: maintaining a fiduciary responsibility to both the buyers and sellers it serves. To be successful they must foster a fair and equitable marketplace for everyone.

This uniqueness introduces complications into the process, which requires careful consideration. For example, every effort must be made to ensure both buyers and sellers conduct themselves ethically, and follow through with their commitments.

This isn’t the case with every online marketplace. Some sites set their systems up to attract the highest number of sellers and buyers, and seek to indemnify themselves from transactional accountability.

Proxibid is different. Our philosophy is to make every effort to ensure both sellers and buyers have successful experiences. We see this as a long-term success strategy that sets us apart in the auction space.


Buyer Protections

When buyers engage in a purchase on Proxibid, they can rest assured Proxibid has vetted the seller. Whether taking advantage of our online bidding platform or our Buy Now and Make Offer capabilities, we make certain all participants are who they say they are, and that they do what they say they’re going to do.

In the event something goes wrong, Proxibid has levels of protection in place to ensure a favorable and fair outcome. Our dispute resolution process has been developed over time as a market differentiator, setting us apart from our counterparts.

We refer to the process as a “make it right guarantee,” a process overseen by a team of resolution specialists who staff our customer service lines around the clock. When there’s a dispute or problem with a transaction, it’s usually a small detail that has been overlooked, such as the lack of a tracking number or an unanswered question. Perhaps a shipping date was missed.

These issues are ironed out quickly by our attentive team, trained to ensure an equitable marketplace for every participant.


Transactional Support for Buyers

In addition to protecting buyers against untoward activity, Proxibid also offers a skilled customer support team that assists buyers—both new and seasoned—through any difficulties that may arise during the purchasing process. New buyers may need help navigating the new account process and getting acquainted with the various buying options available to them.

Real-time issues like login errors or bidding difficulties are handled immediately by our customer support team. We take great care to make sure buyers feel comfortable and are prepared to take advantage of every feature available to them in the Proxibid Marketplace.


A Safe Environment for Any Buyer

The Proxibid platform puts buyers in the driver’s seat. With multiple ways to purchase—at live and timed auction or fixed price format—buyers can buy how they want, when they want. Proxibid partners provide additional services including financing and shipping, offering added value for anyone participating in the Marketplace.

Whether looking to buy one piece of equipment or an entire fleet, buyers can put the Proxibid Marketplace to work for them in a safe, secure bidding environment.