The Proxibid Community: The Buyer’s Role

Proxibid’s role is to bring sellers and buyers together in a community built on trust. They’ve built that system around a very unique—eclectic, even—product offering that fills a niche among online auction sites. Whether it’s a large piece of business or agricultural equipment, or a rare collectible, the Proxibid community plays an important role in the success of the Marketplace.

The site offers several ways for buyers to get more information, ask questions, or just report questionable activity. One of the easiest ways is through the “report this item” button. At first consideration, the “report this item” feature might seem like an invitation to voice a negative opinion about a specific product, but it can also serve as another way to get more information.


The Buyer Role

When an auction site runs thousands of transactions in a given period, and has millions of registered users, both buyers and sellers, there are bound to be experts in specific subject areas. On several occasions, Proxibid’s “report this item” button has allowed those experts to give new information to sellers, or even point out that an item is not as authentic as they might have imagined it to be.

Community experts might also point out a flaw or issue the seller might not even be aware of, but which that expert is trained to see. And in several instances, sellers have been made aware of the uniqueness or rarity of the item for sale, and were able to make adjustments to the item description to ensure all bidders have the information necessary to make an educated buying decision.

When buyers are comfortable—their questions have been answered—they’re more likely to participate, and the entire Marketplace benefits.


Report This Item: How it Works

Many sites have buttons or links similar to a “report this item” button. Typically, one clicks the button and a comment window pops up, allowing the user to leave whatever comment they want, with some contact information and a “submit” option. With few exceptions, it’s expected that very little happens after that submission occurs. One could even wonder if anyone even ever sees the comments that come from those systems.

What’s unique about the Proxibid Marketplace is that the entire system is built to benefit the community. Proxibid employs an experienced customer support team trained to resolve any problem a user might encounter during any part of the auction experience.

Once the report is submitted, notification is sent to the customer support team, and they’re able to evaluate the situation. They then reach out to a seller, expert, buyer, or even escalate the issue if necessary. In most cases, the issues are easy to resolve—mostly by providing more information to the person making the inquiry. In every case, though, they’re handled by real people, trained to provide excellent service in a timely manner. The transaction goes on as expected, and the community benefits from a system that is mostly self-regulated, but carefully monitored.


Different Ways to Buy

The Proxibid Marketplace puts buyers in the driver’s seat. With several protections and points of contact in place, buyers can feel comfortable participating in any auction through Proxibid. In fact, Proxibid has gone so far as to provide multiple ways to purchase, finance and ship auction goods. These are all value-added services for anyone participating in the Marketplace.

Whether looking to buy one piece of equipment or an entire fleet, buyers can put the Proxibid Marketplace to work for them. With an easy-to-understand process, the entire purchase experience is safe, familiar, and comfortable. Any buyer can buy what they want, how they want, when they want.