National Auctioneers Week: Reflecting on Our Roots


National Auctioneers Week

Proxibid was born from the idea of connecting auction companies and buyers in disparate locations via the internet. In 2001, four guys had an idea to build a system where bids were relayed from buyer to auctioneer in real-time. At the time, this was not just crazy but almost impossible, based on the technology and infrastructure that existed.  Here’s a snapshot of what internet bidding looked like at the outset, as we celebrate National Auctioneers Week.

Bottom line: It was not a simple feat.

In the very beginning, Proxibid team members would broadcast audio from a phone onsite to a phone in the office, which was set in front of a microphone connected to a computer running Proxibid’s bidding application. If you followed that last sentence, you can imagine how the early days took McGyver-like solutions to solve for the lack of technology available. In fact, many auction venues were not wired properly for internet connection, and employees would run cables across buildings to get a stable connection. With just Windows 2000 as an operating system, the live bidding application required having at least one backup computer ready to go in the (inevitable) case that the primary computer would crash.

National Auctioneers Week Technology

*During 2016, the Logistics team dug up their gear and gadgets from the past 15 years

The world of technology has changed rapidly since our inception, but one thing remains the same. Proxibid is deeply rooted in the auction industry. From the first client to the most recent, our team is focused on serving the needs of auctioneers, asset owners, dealers. In fact, Proxibid has worked with 4,000+ unique sellers across the past 16 years, and most of those have been auctioneers and auction companies. Our live and timed auction solution are our bread and butter, and remain a focus for Proxibid now and into the future.

Retro Screenshot National Auctioneers Week

*Screenshot of the Proxibid homepage in 2007

In a recent interview with Silicon Prairie News, Proxibid co-founder Joe Petsick said the following about our place in the industry:

“Most disruptions usually occur with someone trying to replace the main players. We did it differently. Our disruption was to really help prop up the existing players but change the way the world interacted with those people.”

And that’s exactly where we continue to grow. Proxibid is proud to work with everyone from small businesses to industry-leading auction companies to provide custom solutions that bring added value to every client. We’re excited to celebrate National Auctioneers Week alongside our clients and friends in the industry. Thanks for your loyalty and partnership for all these years. Cheers!