Invite-Only Auctions

Invite-only Auctions on Proxibid

Proxibid is pleased to introduce Invite-Only Auctions. Invite-Only Auctions provide sellers with additional control over how you sell your inventory. Choose the buyers you want to be invited to bid on items in an exclusive, invitation-only auction.

What Are Invite-Only Auctions?

Invite-Only Auctions allow auction companies to create auctions where inventory is only available to a specific group of buyers. Only those buyers who are invited can view inventory and participate in the auction.

Why Sell Using Invite-Only?

Some consignors require an invite-only auction for their inventory, including:

  • Dealer-only auctions
  • Employee-only auctions
  • Government-only auctions
  • Private-treaty
  • Provide a first look for certain buyers during a specific timeframe before the auction is opened to the public

Selling using Proxibid’s Invite-Only Auctions is easy. Contact Proxibid Sales to get started.