Company Culture


21 Aug: 2019 Q2 Proxi Moxies

Last week we had the opportunity to celebrate our team members who go above and beyond to embrace Proxibid’s core values of Professionalism, Respect, Opportunity, X-Factor, and Innovation. Congratulations to Bill Lindsey, Jarred Workman, Melissa Berry, Dave Billings, Steve Berry, and Craig Taylor, on having the moxie…the Proxi Moxie!


07 Aug: Proxibid Ship It Day 2018

Ship It Day at Proxibid was a huge success! Our teams set aside their regular work for 24 hours of creativity, development, and #collaboration to bring some fun and innovative new ideas to market. Check out what it’s all about and see our team at work! #shipitday #teamworkmakesthedreamwork