You bought it. Now, how do you get it?

Individual sellers in our Marketplace determine how to ship items to buyers. This is often charged as an additional cost on top of the final purchase price.

A Seller Guided Shipping Process

Before bidding or buying, users can review a seller’s estimated shipping charges in the “Information & Special Terms“ or click “Get Estimate” on the item detail page and quickly gain information about shipping the items you want. Important to note this is often an estimate only. Once a purchase is made, the shipping cost is detailed on the invoice emailed to the buyer for reference.

Some sellers may even include shipping estimates, making it easier than ever to determine your budget prior to making a purchase.

Use Proxibid’s badging system to find sellers who following shipping best practices. Those with the Superb Shippers Badge typically ship all items less than 200 lbs in 2-3 business days or less and do not mark up shipping costs.

Too Big to Ship? We’ve Got You Covered.

In some situations a seller may require the buyer pick up the item directly—no shipping is provided.

Most often this happens with inventory in Heavy Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery & Implements, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Commercial Trucks, Collector Cars and Vehicles, Marine & Aviation. Proxibid has partnered with VeriTread, a secure online freight exchange where shipping customers can get competitive bids from a large network of reputable transportation providers. We will also continue our partnership with uShip, a global transport marketplace that connects shipping customers with transportation service providers.

We even offer shipping solutions for collectibles and smaller items. Proxibid has partnered with Shiphawk, a shipping solution that finds the best way to ship any item, packed or unpacked.

Proxibid encourages buyers to use these service because they are reliable providers who provide the best value possible. Please note: When taking advantage of these shipping options, please contact the seller directly to finalize shipping.

Depending on the category, choose the shipper that fits your needs:

Complete the shipping information requested by our partners and secure your shipping estimate. It’s that easy!