Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding on Proxibid

Bid on the go, from any device.

Bid in live or timed auctions from anywhere.

Mobile Live Bidding 

We know buyers expect the same online experience, regardless of the device they are using. Proxibid’s Mobile Live Bidding technology makes it possible to bid live from your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Nothing to download—Mobile Live Bidding is a web-based application
  • Responsive, clean, user-friendly design
  • Same secure live bidding experience with new BidLock technology, designed to ensure only intended bids are placed…no “Pocket Bidding” on Proxibid

Proxibid offers BidLock to protect buyers from unintentional bids.

What is BidLock?

  • Keeps the bid button in a “locked” or disabled state until the bidder chooses to enable the button
  • BidLock protects against “pocket bids” and other instances of accidental bidding

How it Works:

  1. When a bidder opens the bidding application, the bid button will be locked
  2. Enable bidding by either clicking directly on the bid button or clicking on the Enable Bidding On/Off switch and changing it to “On”. To continue, the bidder must click “Continue” on the warning message.
  3. You are now in the Active Bid state and able to bid
  4. To disable BidLock, select the BidLock feature On/Off switch. Once clicked, a warning will appear. Select “Ok” to disable the bidding.