Audio Video

Using Audio/Video

Get a virtual front-row seat at any auction on Proxibid.

Watch and listen to live auctions in real-time using Proxibid’s live audio and video streaming features.

Delivering the Auction Experience to Anywhere in the World

Proxibid offers the most seamless live bidding experience online. We work with industry-leading streaming providers that boast the highest quality, lowest-latency audio and video streams available.

How Fast is Fast?

On average, low-latency audio and video streams online have a natural 1-3 second delay. A user’s experience with Proxibid depends on several factors beyond Proxibid’s control, such as internet connection at the sale site, internet connection at the buyer’s location, and the buyer’s internet browser.

Remember, Proxibid’s audio and video streams are for entertainment purposes only. Audio and video is a great way to get an actual view of an item being sold or to experience an auctioneer. When placing a bid, it is best to rely on the Bid button of Proxibid’s live bidding application for real-time updates. Our live bidding application operates at speeds less than 250 milliseconds. That’s about as real-time as it gets.

Buyers should log on from a location with an up/down rate of at least .5Mbps. 3G and 4G connections are not recommended. If you are unsure of your connection, you can test it by visiting For optimal performance on Proxibid, your ping rate should register at 500ms or less.

Not all sellers choose to take advantage of Proxibid’s streaming services. If audio/video is not available for a particular event, the controls will display “Audio/Video not available.”