Buying at Live Auction? Keep it Simple with Proxibid

When buying online at live auction from several different sellers, comparison shopping can become complicated. That’s why we’ve designed a platform to help buyers browse and save items matching their search criteria—all on one website. Proxibid offers several ways to keep track of items you’re interested in buying:


Saved Search

Be the first to know when new items are added to the Proxibid platform. Proxibid’s Saved Search email alerts inform buyers when items matching their saved search criteria become available for sale. New content, catered to your needs, is delivered straight to your inbox. Search, save keyword(s), and filter the information you want to receive by selecting a category (or even a sub-category), preferred buying method, and frequency for email alerts.

To save a search keyword(s), click the Create Saved Search button in the container displayed above the search results.

Saved Search

Once selected, a modal with additional filters and setting information will be displayed:

  • The category selected will be populated in the Save Search modal
  • Choose the “All Categories” default filter to set preferences for Saved Search
  • The selling format will default to All Inventory; select your preferred transaction method (Live Auction, Timed Auction, Buy Now, or Make Offer)
  • Email alert notifications will have a default frequency of once a week, or choose to be notified daily, once every three days, or never

Saved Search


Watched Items

Before placing a bid, buyers can add items to a watch list and find them later via MyProxibid. By saving similar items, buyers can quickly navigate between auctions and receive reminders when items will cross the block.

To add an item to your watch list, click “Watch this Item” on the item detail page:

Watch List

Click MyProxibid in the top navigation bar and select “Items I’m Watching” to see the full list of items, the current bid, and information about the auction during which the item will be sold. Whether the items are in the same auction or separate events, all the information you need is in one place.


Attend Multiple Live Auctions at Once

More than 15,000 events take place on Proxibid’s platform each year, offering unparalleled selection for buyers. During a busy auction weekend, upwards of 60 events may take place in the same day, creating multiple opportunities to bid and buy.

Long gone are the days of geographical limitations for auctions. With the advent of internet bidding, buyers can attend multiple live auctions at once from the comfort of their home or office. Watch items cross the block from several different sellers, monitor the prices, and choose to bid on the items at the price you wish to pay. By toggling your bidding window between several auctions, you can stay in the know about prices of items in several different events taking place at the same time.


Combine These Features, and Start Bidding

The main advantage of shopping on the Proxibid platform is the flexibility to buy how and when you want. With four ways to buy and sell, and features like saved search, watch lists, and the ability to shop in multiple auctions simultaneously, buyers on Proxibid have a robust. For more information on the features of the Proxibid platform, please contact customer support via phone or email.