Buyers: You Can Count On Our Seller Review Process

Buying anything through an auction website presents a unique set of challenges for a buyer. Chief among them is trust. It’s hard to give a seller money for an item when you have no idea who that seller is, or whether they’re representing their side of the transaction ethically. Most sites deal with this by allowing buyers to contribute to a buyer reputation algorithm.

Over time, that system provides dependable, in-depth feedback from other buyers, which can be useful. However, that kind of system can also make it hard to trust new sellers who lack a history or depth of information, but who might otherwise be completely trustworthy. A seller feedback system is a good step in the right direction, but it’s clear that it’s only part of a more complete picture of the seller review process.


A More Complete Seller Review Process

When an auction site sells everything from tennis racquets to computer speakers, seller feedback algorithms may be enough. But what about Proxibid, where the items for sale are expensive business, agricultural, or industrial equipment? The trust relationship between seller and buyer is critical, and the auction site is particularly invested in establishing and monitoring that system.

Proxibid employs several different steps in allowing a seller to enter the system and offer anything for sale:

  • Extensive seller application process
  • Business background check
  • Research and verification of any professional licenses
  • Criminal background check
  • Research on prior business practices
  • Reference checks
  • Prior internet reputation research

All of these processes contribute to the Proxibid seller ecosystem. Buyers and sellers can operate in a trusted environment, knowing users are who they say they are, and have a history of doing what they say they will do.

The seller review process is overseen by the Risk department at Proxibid, and is led by an executive team with expertise in security, electronic payments, and criminal justice. Since the products for sale are highly valued, Proxibid feels it’s incumbent upon them to ensure the seller/buyer relationship is backed by as much security as possible. This allows buyers to bid with confidence. It also allows sellers to offer their products for sale in a trusted environment that maximizes their opportunities as well, making them more likely to be active participants over time.


Proxibid’s Position in the Auction Industry

The Proxibid executive team has deep DNA in the auction industry, with leaders coming from all areas of ecommerce—security, electronic payments, and prior auction site experience. That knowledge has brought systemic security measures and a passion for building a trusted environment where buyers are in the driver’s seat and sellers are known and trusted.

Given Proxibid’s unique product mix, transactions executed in the most ethical and efficient way possible are the backbone of the company’s operation. In the event something goes wrong, as can sometimes happen, it’s often due to a misunderstanding where a seller forgot to provide tracking information, or answer a buyer’s question.

For bigger issues, Proxibid employs a “make it right” guarantee. The customer experience team will reach out via phone to resolve every issue as it arises. State-of-the-art seller review processes and fraud prevention tools help Proxibid set the standard for a trusted auction buying experience.
Proxibid’s extensive seller review process is just one of the ways the platform goes the extra mile to ensure every transaction is positive and that buyers and sellers are confident in their online experience.