Skip The Flight: Access Auctions Around The World

Imagine you need 10 fleet vehicles to fulfill a contract job. But there’s 20 similar trucks crossing the auction block in separate auctions on the same day. The trucks are of similar quality and condition. It doesn’t matter which 10 trucks are purchased – you just need to buy them quickly and without breaking the bank. It would be impossible to attend several live auctions around the world on the same day. Before the days of online bidding, a buyer would need to choose which auction to attend in person— adding costs of time and travel. The buyer would need to guess where they would be more likely to succeed and where they would get the best price.

Let’s add online live bidding to the mix. On Proxibid’s platform, you can easily attend several auctions around the world from your home or office. The buyer could watch those 20 trucks cross the block from several different sellers, monitor the prices, and choose to bid on the items that would bring the most value to their business.

Unparalleled Selection

More than 15,000 events take place on the Proxibid platform each year, offering unparalleled selection for buyers. During a busy auction weekend, upwards of 60 events may take place in the same day, creating multiple opportunities for buyers. Using Proxibid’s industry-leading bidding application, buyers can take advantage of the selection— all without leaving their home or office. Quickly toggle between live auctions via the “My Auctions” tab at the top of the bidding application.

Simplifying Registration

Do you already have a full Proxibid buyer account? You’ve got your ticket into most auctions on Proxibid without having to go through additional registration steps. While a handful of auction companies may require additional paperwork, Proxibid makes it as easy as possible, with a streamlined approval process that happens behind the scenes to enable buyers to take action quickly and easily.

Multiple Live Auctions

Adding Items to Your Watch List

Before you even place a bid, you can add items to your watch list and find them later through your MyProxibid account. By saving similar items, buyers can quickly navigate between auctions and receive reminders when items will cross the block.

Live Auctions Watchlist

For more information about buying on Proxibid, visit our buying resource page or contact us. If you’re ready to get started, browse today’s live events.