700 Eclectic Cars Headline Hackenberger Collection Auction

In Norwalk, OH, one man collected more than 700 orphan, unique, micro and highly sought-after cars. Next month, the entire Ron Hackenberger collection is going to auction at no reserve in a two-day event with VanDerBrink Auctions and JF Marketing/Auction & Real Estate Services – already drawing attention from bidders around the world.

Ron Hackenberger started his collection with a 1948 Studebaker, beginning a lifelong pursuit of the most unique and one-of-a-kind models in the world. While nearly 250 of the 700 cars are Studebakers, the rest of the collection is one of the most eclectic we’ve seen on Proxibid. Microcars, vintage motorcycles, bumper cars, rare Studebaker buggies, tractors, and even an Amphicar complete the lineup of vehicles, in a range of conditions from parts cars to showroom ready.

If you are looking for a rare part or car to complete your collection, this auction is a can’t miss experience. Here are a few of the vehicles featured in the event:

1965 Amphicar Model 770

  • 1965 Amphicar Model 770 Convertible: It’s a car and a boat. With less than 4,000 built in a single generation, this rare vehicle drives on both land and water via a rear motor. Production of these quirky vehicles halted in 1965, and this example was assembled in that final production year.
  • 1958 BMW Isetta 300 Coupe: As one of the most well-known microcars, the Isetta is an egg-shaped, single-cylinder car with unique flair that will attract collectors of all types.
  • 1958 Packard Supercharged Hawk: The Packard Hawk, each model assembled with a two-door hardtop body style, was produced for just one year, making it extremely rare. This example is finished in a 50s-familiar light pink.
  • 1947 Indian Chief Roadmaster Motorcycle: Indian motorcycles are a vintage piece of Americana, and the example for auction, finished in cream and black leather, comes with a sidecar.
  • 1985 Pulse Autocycle: Approximately 360 Pulse Lightstar Autocycles were produced, and is usually classified as a three-wheel motorcycle. Its shape is reminiscent of a fighter jet, while retaining a “futuristic” style. While the interior will need restoration, the rarity and cult following of this vehicle will make it a highly sought after item as it crosses the block.
  • 1954 Kaiser Darrin Hardtop Coupe: Another large American roadster, the Darrin was a short-lived model from the now closed Kaiser Motors. Only 425 were produced in total. This example is an incredible opportunity for restorers to return this rare model to its former glory.


For more information on this auction, visit the catalog or read our latest press release.